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Dudley Youth Council Website Services status.

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  • We value your Feedback! Please visit and let us know how we've performed today!
  • After an investigation, all website services are now being resumed. Thank you.
  • Website Services Down

    June 03, Sun
    Due to Development Issues, our Website Services are all down for the foreseeable future. Thank you.

Recent Incidents

  • Logo Overlaying on Modals

    Resolved in 1 month
    Affected Service: Front-End Services Back-End Services December 20, Thu

    Our Logo is currently overlaying itself over the top of any Modals opening up. We're looking into this.

    10:33, Nov 01 GMT

    We're requesting assistance from our Web Host. We'll update this page when there is news.

    10:36, Nov 01 GMT

    Currently un-able to resolve.

    19:14, Dec 20 GMT
  • Affected Service: Front-End Services November 01, Thu

    Our Website is currently experiencing connection issues. Apologies about any inconvenience caused.

    10:32, Nov 01 GMT

    This issue has been resolved and is being monitored, it was due to a large scale edit on our Back End.

    10:34, Nov 01 GMT

    Issue resolved. Apologies about any inconvenience caused.

    10:35, Nov 01 GMT
  • Website Outage

    Resolved in 15 hours
    Affected Service: Front-End Services Back-End Services May 31, Thu

    Our Host's Web Servers are currently experiencing issues.

    18:51, May 30 GMT

    We have contacted our hosts and hope to fix this problem.

    19:10, May 30 GMT

    Still no update on this issue. Apologies about the inconvenience.

    10:41, May 31 GMT
  • No incidents reported